How to Crop in Figma

How to Crop in Figma

Learn how to crop in Figma in a simple step-by-step tutorial!

Cropping is a fundamental design technique that directs attention to specific elements, eliminates clutter, and enhances visual aesthetics. Figma, a versatile and intuitive design tool, empowers users to seamlessly crop images and elements, fostering creativity within design projects.

What is Figma Used For

Open or Create a Project

Launch Figma: Initiate your design journey by opening the Figma application on your device. If Figma isn’t installed, effortlessly download and install it via the Figma website.

Choose or Create a Project: Once in Figma, explore your options—either access an existing project containing the desired content or commence a new project. To create a fresh project, click “Create New,” and choose the suitable project type, such as “Web Design” or “Mobile App Design.”

Select the Element

Click to Select: Within your project canvas, navigate to the targeted image or element. A simple click on the image or element highlights it, revealing bounding boxes or handles that enable further actions.

Enter Crop Mode

Accessing the Edit Menu: With the desired element selected, head to the top menu of the Figma interface. Locate and click the “Edit” option.

Choosing Crop: In the dropdown menu that emerges, opt for “Crop.” This selection immerses you into the cropping mode, allowing definition of the specific retained portion within the image.

Adjust the Crop Area

Manipulating Handles: Transitioning into crop mode brings resizable handles into view, encompassing the selected element. These handles, located at corners and sides, enable alteration of the crop area.

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Drag to Adjust: Engage by clicking and dragging any handle to extend or reduce the cropping area. Manipulating these handles prompts Figma to overlay a shaded preview—reflecting areas to be excluded.

Maintain Proportions (Optional): To uphold the original aspect ratio, hold down the “Shift” key while adjusting handles, ensuring proportional modifications.

Apply the Crop

Finalizing the Crop: Achieve your desired crop dimensions and click outside the element on the canvas. Figma executes your command, cropping the image to the defined boundaries.

Preview the Result: Behold the newly cropped image or element, now showcasing only the content within the established crop area.

Exit Crop Mode

Exiting Crop Mode: Conclude the cropping process by either pressing the “Esc” key or spotting the “Done” button at the top-right corner of Figma’s interface. These actions return you to standard design editing.

Fine-tune the Crop (Optional)

Re-Entering Crop Mode: Should initial cropping leave room for improvement, revisit crop mode. Select the cropped element, follow the sequence from “Enter Crop Mode” to “Apply the Crop,” and redefine your desired cropping area.

Save Changes

Saving Your Progress: With your crop perfected and any additional adjustments saved, tap the “Save” button located conveniently at the upper left of the Figma interface. Alternatively, employ the OS-specific keyboard shortcut.


Mastering the art of cropping stands as a cornerstone in the world of design. Figma’s user-friendly interface and intuitive tools simplify the process, allowing creators to confidently crop images and elements. By embracing these steps, designers can elevate their compositions, producing captivating visual narratives.

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